21 September 2020,

TheDataTeam announces that Stratpoint Technologies has signed as a Systems Integrator across the ASEAN market for implementing solutions around Cadenz.ai, the flagship customer intelligence platform offering. With this partnership, enterprises in the Philippines and Singapore get faster access to both cutting-edge B2C analytics technology in the form of Cadenz.ai as well as the combined service expertise from both TheDataTeam and Stratpoint to build innovative solutions that immediately solve business problems of value.

TheDataTeam(TDT) is an AI solutions company helping businesses achieve unparalleled agility by building AI solutions. Cadenz.ai is the market’s first customer intelligence platform that provides enterprises with live behaviour intelligence about its customers using its data automatically. Cadenz enables cognitive customer experiences across the entire lifecycle, starting from customer acquisition and onboarding, cross-selling and up-selling to grow revenue per customer, and to service customers reducing incidents of dissatisfaction and churn.

We have been expanding fast in the APAC region through our repeatable solutions built for enterprise customers around our Cadenz.ai platform, despite the tough business climate presently. Stratpoint has already worked closely with us over 1.5 years helping deliver the adoption of Cadenz in the Philippines. With this partnership, TheDataTeam gains the valuable addition of a trusted partner to expand the business even further, provide services to complete solutions around Cadenz.ai, and rapidly capture more business opportunities with Stratpoint’s expertise around digital transformation, particularly using mobility technologies said Rangarajan Vasudevan, Founder & CEO of TheDataTeam.

Stratpoint builds MODERN APPLICATIONS for enterprises who aim to innovate fast and deliver value early. Stratpoint drives digital transformation, specializing in building and creating value through Agile Software Development, Cloud Consulting and Managed Services, Data Engineering and AI/ML Services.

“At Stratpoint, we pride ourselves in our adoption of innovative technology stacks and have been responsible for bringing rapid digital maturity for enterprises in the Philippines over the last 20 years. Given our strong cloud expertise, my team quickly found the Cadenz.ai product stack so cutting-edge that we have now built service capability around it. As a result of this partnership with TheDataTeam, we have now formalized providing our portfolio of services to include joint business, and simultaneously also get access to a broader market for our expert services,” said Mary Rose Dela Cruz, CEO at Stratpoint Technologies.

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