Hi, I am Anagha Gopalakrishnan, a Data Analyst at TheDataTeam. I recently completed my first year here and I am delighted to share some of my journey with you. 

My journey in the field of Data Science began in the year 2018. I was in a dilemma back then about choices I should be making in my career and where would those choices take me in the coming years. Being new in the world of software, I was totally perplexed on what I should pursue. I was constantly contemplating on my strengths & weaknesses. My mind was filled with millions of questions and a whole basket of career choices was right in front of me. I was lucky enough to have my family support whichever choice I made. I then started researching about fields I found interesting and decided to pursue Post-Graduation in Data Science and Engineering. This decision gave a new horizon to my career and I landed this profile of a Data Analyst here at TheDataTeam(TDT).

What do I find challenging in my job?

I was excited to join this startup as AI was at the core of everything TDT engaged in. I immediately realized that this is the right place to start my career.

I had experienced corporate culture earlier whereas a young professional the responsibility and ownership given to us are very little. There are multiple people doing similar work like us and the responsibility we receive is limited. In TDT for the first time, I was experiencing what it means to own our own work. The significant responsibility given to me at such an early stage of my career changed the way I look at work forever.

It is extremely challenging to deliver work with great accountability and ownership along with gaining customer’s confidence. I had never thought that I would be able to interact with customers in the first year of my joining. This is exactly what makes my work dynamic for me.

This mode of working helped me gain confidence in my work and understand the complete workflow of the delivery process.

Why do I love it here?

Being able to work with people with different skills and entirely different experiences is the part I look forward to every day. It has enhanced my way of thinking and inspired me to keep up. This has completely washed off the age-old ‘not doing things that are not in my job description’ attitude. Now I am always ready to work on something new and learn something that I do not know. 

One always needs to push one’s limits and come out of the comfort zone to grow in a career. This is the most rewarding part for me.

I also love the fact that we as a team discuss everything under the sun and bond at a deeper level.

In a parallel universe, what’s a different career I would have pursued?  

Teaching, yes if there was a parallel universe, I would have loved to become a teacher. Being able to share my knowledge, will keep me on learning mode continuously is what I believe. 

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about me?

I started dancing when I was four, spending sleepless nights and extended hours in learning new choreographies always excited me. It was always fun to dance with my friends during school, college, and even at my workplace.  

I am pumped up to start my second year with newer projects and challenges.

About the author:

Anagha Gopalakrishnan, Data Analyst at TheDataTeam, after Post-graduation in Data Science and Engineering.

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