Cadenz is thrilled to have been awarded RealCDP certification, marking yet another milestone in its rapid technological maturity and enterprise adoption.

Launched in 2019, RealCDP is an audit-driven certification initiative of the Customer Data Platform Institute, a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data. The RealCDP certification measures systems against five capabilities that are essential to meet the true promise of a CDP.

David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute said,

The CDP industry faces two challenges. First, many firms offering a CDP or CDP alternative fail to build the complete, shareable customer database that is the heart of the CDP concept.  Second, legitimate CDPs vary hugely in the additional features they provide, leaving buyers confused by the range of options.

Cadenz was awarded the RealCDP in February 2021 following a rigorous audit process. It is heartening to see innovative solutions such as Cadenz emerging from APAC for the world, addressing use cases beyond the bastion of the marketing function that CDPs have traditionally been good at.

Cadenz is the market’s first Customer Intelligence Platform, specializing in delivering live behavioral intelligence to large enterprises using AI algorithms on their data.

Using Cadenz, organizations can instantaneously hyper-personalized customer engagement at every interaction, live. Prominent uses of Cadenz span industries and functions, including:

  • Globe Telecom uses Cadenz to build a Customer-360 for initiatives around both marketing and customer service
  • Cebu Pacific Airlines uses Cadenz to the hyper-personalized passenger experience
  • An Asian insurance company used Cadenz to reduce churn by 15% 
  • An Asian bank used Cadenz to personalize lending to businesses growing loan book by 400% 

Pushkaraj Kale, Co-Founder & COO of TheDataTeam said,

I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in such a limited time in our enterprise GTM strategy. RealCDP is a testament to our mission to enable enterprises with live behavior intelligence about their customers at a fraction of the time and cost it would take with others or with DIY approaches. So far, our customers have spoken about the Cadenz value proposition, and now we have a certification to take our message further”.


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