Powering Customer Analytics using Amazon Redshift

Go live with a customer data mart on Amazon Redshift using Cadenz.ai

About Cadenz.ai

Cadenz.ai is TheDataTeam’s flagship product offering helping B2C companies manage and monetise customer data.

It unlocks needs of customers from first-party data using cutting-edge AI. Engineered to perfection with a vision to enable every company with insights about all their customers, Cadenz has been at the centre of customer value initiatives in clients across industries.

Customer Data Mart

The technological foundation of Cadenz is its open, cloud-native design adopting the best of PaaS from AWS for various uses.

For typical customer initiatives, enterprises need insights in a self-serve manner that allows them to interactively explore customer behaviour at scale.

Using its pipelines, Cadenz not only computes behavioural enrichments about customers to form the complete Customer-360 view called as Cadenz Profiles.

Automated AWS-native pipelines also makes historical snapshots of these profiles available through its discovery, no-code interface Cadenz Audiences for business users to explore.

Moreover, the underlying enriched profiles data is organised and stored in Amazon Redshift thus effectively providing a highly scalable solution for customer data mart needs of the enterprise.

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