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Cadenz is the industry’s first Customer Intelligence Platform that provides live behaviour intelligence about customers using your data automatically.

Our Goal: Every customer deserves the best

Today’s customers leave behind vast amounts of data across varied touch-points. Yet, none of this data gets used effectively while customers continue to suffer from friction. Deriving value from customer data is slow, manual, and complicated. At Cadenz, our goal is to simplify the journey from raw customer data to live intelligence so that businesses can focus on eliminating customer friction and driving new customer initiatives in record quick time. That’s why we have engineered sophisticated AI-powered automation with our years of operational systems expertise to bring this first-of-its-kind technology to the market.

We are TheDataTeam

TheDataTeam(TDT) is an AI solutions company helping businesses achieve unparalleled agility by building AI solutions. TheDataTeam specializes in building scalable turnkey AI solutions with quick turnaround and ease in business process integration.

With offices spread across 3 cities in APAC, we have successfully implemented Cadenz at over 30 enterprises. Our clients include marquee banks, insurers, telcos, and petroleum companies, and is a preferred AI suite provider for Enterprises. TheDataTeam is founded by veterans in the big data and data science worlds and holds strategic partnerships with cloud companies.


Our Mission

To automate the ingestion, orchestration, and subsequent generation of intelligence from the ever-increasing volume of customer data to ease the process of insight-driven decision making, with AI and Robotic Data Science.

Our Vision

To accelerate and realize successful enterprise data transformation for better, faster, and accurate real-world insights driving the majority of business operations.

Our Strengths

  • Extensive real-world experience, right from consulting, prototyping to deployment
  • In-depth understanding of Enterprise architecture, processes, policies and standards which is necessary to adopt and integrate with existing systems
  • Solid technical breadth and depth with core data science background and numerous years of real time experience
  • Strong IT experience and great understanding of how IT can transform and drive successful businesses
  • Adherence to premium quality standards with respect to delivery, completion of projects, attention to detail

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